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Gangpro-8XP/ Gangpro-4XP
Starting at $795.00

Classic EPROM Gang Programmer
Support most old and Obsolete Devices such as TMS2708 TMS2716  and Intersil 6654 PROMs using special adaptors;

Supports Older 21Volt and 25 Volt Parts

2716 Through 27080
29XXX family
39 XXX family
TMS 2708
Intersil 6654
Harris PROMs 7306
Landsdale HL512
PLS 100 Signetic PLA

Custom Adaptors!
We can custom develop adaptors for any vintage part that no programmers support available , so long as we can find the original programming specs and sample parts.


  • Stand Alone or PC operation via USB/Seria Cable
  • Copies from Master device to 8 slave devices at once
  • Program from PC file to 8 slave devices at once
  • Read from Master Device to PC file in Binary or Hex

The Gangpro-8xp  is loaded with features not found in comparably priced gang programmers. The unique control interface allows inexperienced personnel to quickly produce programmed parts. Up to 30 part selections and command sequences can be stored in the internal memory and activated by a single button. Operation status such as PASS/FAIL is displayed by tri-color LEDs  for reach ZIF socket. Part selection, device option settings and desired commands are arranged in a convenient job format in the internal memory. Jobs can be added from the front panel or from a PC using the WinLink Job Setup Wizard. The wizard steps you through the process of setting all parameters necessary to complete the job. Once the job is created, the operator can execute it by pressing a single button on the front panel or pressing and optional remote switch that plugs into the back of the unit. The proprietary SMART-PART feature assures programming compatibility when mixing different manufacturer parts and notifies the user when parts are inserted incorrectly or the parts are not program compatible .

Gangpro-8xp  supports virtually most popular  24/28/32-pin EPROM, EEPROM and FLASH devices (3.3V/5V) from major semiconductor manufacturers.

Up to 8 devices can be copied from a master device or programmed from a file using the included WinLink PC software.  WinLink allows remote control of all functions as well as providing a hex/ascii editor and Job Setup Wizard.

The  Gangpro-8xp programmer firmware can be upgraded in the field using WinLink. We provide the upgrades free online. WinLink runs under Win9x/ME/2K/XP/NT. Now also available command line interface for integration with other software tools such as Labview, or any user written front end.

Ordering Information

Part Number: PROG8X-32   Price: $1495.00  . Includes: Power Supply, USB/Serial Cable, Software, DIP Platter.