CUBEL ChipDesigner 5.0

Easy Language for PAL and PLD design

learn in a fraction of time it takes to learn Verilog and VHDL

Includes many PLD design examples!, CPLDs, TTL PROMs!

Based on CUPL  and  Abel  programming languages

  • Create JEDEC files from Boolean Equation , State Machine equations.
  • Run Test Vectors and Simulate your Design
  • Support for all Legacy PAL / PLD devices and select CPLD devices.

 PN# CUBEL-5.0  To Order Click Here

* $495.00 with hardcopy documentation

CUBEL  Device List1    Device List 2


Free Download of the CUPL reference and Application Handbook regularly sold for $39.00 . Excellent source tutorial on programmable logic and use of CUPL syntax to create boolean or state machine equations. Just click on the link and download.  If you would like to receive a free copy of the CUPL user manual , please  email us by clicking on this link   CUBEL  Manual

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CUBEL 5.0 is a traditional PAL /PLD design software that allows users to create a JEDEC file for a programmer. The product can be used to perform all functions provided by similar products such as the Data I/O ABEL, AMD Palasm, ICT  ICE, and original CUPL language.  The syntax is made so it is based on the CUPL language and provides and exceeds all capabilities of such products.

Software is included in CD form and comes with user manual and documentation . Limited telephone support is available, however design assistance will require to purchase a support package in addition for $199.00 per year.

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*CUPL is a registered trademark of Altium Technology

CUPL is an acronym for Compiler for Universal  Programmable  Logic

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Devices supported
  •  MMI PAL 10HXX , 12Lxx,14Lxx, 16Lxx, 16Rxx, 20Lxx, 20Rxx
  • Philips Signetics PLS, PLA, PLUS, series
  • Lattice GAL 16xx, 20xx, 22xx
  • TI  TIBPAL  series
  • ICT/Gould PEEL series
  • AMD PALCE series, Mach series ( requires fitters)
  • ATMEL ATF series
  • Altera EP300/600/900
  • PROMs from various suppliers


 Technical Support

Direct Phone Support  303-861-8200


 Basic support includes phone and email support for software for basic installation and product guide steps. Since this product is very much design oriented , support beyond this level and training on the language requires additional optional support program to purchase.

Product  includes full set of documentation and examples.

Warranty is 30 days and opened packages cannot be returned. Demo software available upon request. Price is for single site license only.

  • Data I/O ABEL manual  $150.00
  • Full CUPL Manual  Call or Email