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Device Programming Tools for Engineering and Production since 1980




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Specializing in Programming Vintage Devices

Device Programmers Universal Programmers, Gang Programmers, EPROM Programmers, ISP Programmers PLD PAL FPGA Programmers , Software and Tools, Custom Designed Programmers for Production, In Circuit Programmer, Nand Flash Programmers , Compact Flash Duplicators, SD  ( Secure Digital Card ) Duplicators, UV Erasers, Serial PROM programmers, Microcontroller Programmers, ARM mpu programmers , Microchip PIC programmers.



Chipmaster 6000u   Universal 48 Pin USB Win7/Win8  64 bit and XP Industrial Quality Universal Device Programmer   ,over 20,000 sold todate   GangstarPro-848uxp Ultra High Speed USB win7/win8 Eight Socket -48 Pin Universal Gang Programmer . SD duplicators From $395.00

Compact Flash, SD, USB, SSD , Hard Drive Duplicators


XPRO-6100 Super Universal Programmer  USB/Stand Alone , 144 Pin Programs any device under the sun! Including Nand Flash/eMMC 256GB  Checkout This Device List!!!

New!  GP-400 Stand Alone / USB

48 Pin Universal Programmer            


 CUBEL: PLD design system compatible with CUPL , Abel, Palasm support all PAL, PLD, CPLD, PROMs, FPLAs. State Machine HDL          

Low Cost Universal 40 Pin Programmer , USB  Win7/8   

 T series UV Eraser Page Click Here  

      Duplicate Compact Flash Cards 

List $1295.00 With Trade of CF8 $695

         in Any Format! (Raw Copy )

Special Offer $4995 FEB 2015 Only            Includes : Free Next Day Shipping , 3 Year Warranty

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For Needhams Electronics   Programmers , Please go to www.needhams.com 



Products from our other subsidiaries www.forchip.com Forchip LLC , provides custom engineering and development of elecrtronics and mechanical products.  EPROM Programmers, Device Programmers, UV Erasers, Gang Programmers,  PLD PAL software support for PROMs, PLD PLA, CPDL, FPGA , Microcontroller...

cupl is a trade mark of protel technology limited



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