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We Program Your Chips , Not burn them!

Call us to get any device supported ! Including Devices from the 70's !!!!!

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Specializing in Programming Vintage Devices! , If no body else does it, We do it .!

Device Programming Tools for Engineering and Production since 1980

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Your one source of PLD/CPLD  Programmers , EPROM programmers , Universal Programmers , Gang Programmers, Chip Programmers, CF duplicators , SD duplicators , USB stick duplicators .


Addition Products Available Upon Requests:

  • Nand Flash Programmer
  • ISP ( In System Programmers)
  • Device Specific Programmer from $59.00
  • Vintage Chip Programmers
  • We custom make any programmer!!
Chipmaster 6000uxp Universal 48 Pin USB Win7/Win8  Industrial Quality Universal Device Programmer   ,over 20,000 sold todate Sept Special $1195 List $1495  STD Pkg Gangpro-8xp Stand Alone EPROM/Flash Copier, Duplicator  One Master , 8 Slaves. Made in USA   GangstarPro-848uxp Ultra High Speed USB win7/win8 Eight Socket -48 Pin Universal Gang Programmer . Best of All!  Refurbished for win 98 $695.00   Sept Special $2995.00 List $3495.00

Ask About Our List of Refurbished Low Cost Solutions

XPRO-6100 Super Universal Programmer , 144 Pin Programs any device under the sun! Including Nand Flash/eMMC 256GB

Sept  Special $1595.00 List $1795.00

Shooter 7   ISP Version from $59.00

Stand Alone or USB/Serial Classic Adaptor Based Programmer / RAM tester  . Old Fashion Command Line!!!  New Gang Option for EPROMs from $795.00

   CUBEL: PLD design system compatible with CUPL , Abel, Palasm support all PAL, PLD, CPLD, PROMs, FPLAs. State Machine HDL

Sept  Special   $89.00!!!!

Compact Flash, SD, USB, SSD , Hard Drive Duplicators

Sept  Special $695 List $995.00

Ultralite and T series UV Eraser Page Click Here      

Special Offer $4995. August  Only            Includes : Free Next Day Shipping , 3 Year Warranty

Call   303 861 8200 for more info            More Info Click Here

List $995.00 July Special $695.00


ChipProg-48 Universal Programmer

List Price $595.. August Special $495.00

Low Cost ,High Quality Professional/ Industrial  Universal 48 Programmer

For Needhams Electronics   Programmers , Please go to www.needhams.com 



Products from our other subsidiaries www.forchip.com Forchip LLC , provides custom engineering and development of elecrtronics and mechanical products.  EPROM Programmers, Device Programmers, UV Erasers, Gang Programmers,  PLD PAL software support for PROMs, PLD PLA, CPDL, FPGA , Microcontroller...

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